A watershed is an area of land comprising a common set of waterbodies such as streams, rivulets, and overflowing ponds during the monsoon, that all drain into a single larger body of water, such as a large river, lake, or an ocean.

Watershed development refers to the conservation, regeneration, and the judicious use of all the natural resources, especially land, water, vegetation, and animals, along with sustainable human development within the watershed.
Our approach to watershed development aims to unite vulnerable communities to regenerate degraded watersheds they live in. This includes a participatory approach undertaking soil and water conservation measures and integrating biodiversity concerns into watershed development efforts. The idea is to bring about natural resources regeneration and check over exploitation of the resources by the community.
We believe by mobilising communities to harvest rainwater and regenerate ecosystems; the quality of life and income can improve substantially.
We have done Soil conservation work in area more than 20000 hectares across Chhattisgarh. We have also done Water restoration and conservation to capture 890 million Litre of rainwater every year.