CG Agricon



Agricon has been working on social and economic uplifting of the women. To encourage gender equality and social say in the society Agricon has mobilized more than 700 SHG’s with 7500 women. These women are not only organized for a common cause but working in their best way to have a say in the society, better family livelihood. These small groups are also now pressure groups in local panchayat levels for decision making in policy for villages and home. Further, these groups have to take shape of a federation, FPO etc and also main mobilizer for social and economic reforms in the society.


With the urban growth of the country, the cultivable land of the rural areas is shrinking. This is adding to Production pressure, which in turn excites more use of chemical fertilizers and Pesticide. This phenomenon is depleting the land quality reducing per hectare production, in turn, increasing the cost of cultivation. Agricon through PRA and other rural tools identified more than 2500 hectare of uncultivable wasteland and converted them to cultivable land. By various plantation of horticulture and forestry agricon have been able to control soil erosion of the area but also increased the production of crop by using organic cultivation methodology with the use of compost manure etc


Agricon has been working with more than 30000 farmers across Chhattisgarh to increase their current income based on agriculture. Agricon has planted more than 750000 fruit crops like mangoes cashew lemon guava. This has increased total fruit production by 3000MT which brought around 7.5 crore rupees in the rural economy. Along with the Fruit crop, Agricon also helped in vegetable cultivation and increase in productivity of traditional paddy crop. Increased vegetable area by 5000 hectares and increase in production of 2500 MT. this amounts to 5 crores of additional money.


Agricon has implemented more than 150 Gram Panchayat for integrated natural resource management to restore the water and fertile soil. Agricon helps to constructed 4.62 lakh cubic meter trenches like CCT, WAT, and CPT which are percolating more than 462 million litter water to recharge the groundwater and increasing soil moisture. Agricon has planted more than 1 million trees which increased carbon credit for the country. It helped to absorb 24 million Kg of CO2 per year from climate and gave oxygen. In return, this increases the level of oxygen.


Agriculture is an unorganized sector in India. Farmers are facing many problems with their agricultural inputs and services. Agricon has organized more than 3500 farmers through 150 Farmer Club and 3 Federation. Federations are running 11 SBI kiosk (Banking Service Center) to fulfill the financial services. Apart from this, the centers are providing agriculture input service as a low-cost input facility. Processing, value addition, and the marketing of farm produce is the biggest challenge in the agriculture sector. Agricon helps to establish 1 mini rice mill, 6 oil distillation unit, 1 community mushroom center, 1 cashew processing unit, 1 wild honey processing unit and gramudyog like stitching and spices processing unit. Agricon helps to organize and institutionalize FPO with more than 800 tribal farmers. This FPO is as the first Farmer Producer Company Limited in Bastar.


We work in the field of education with our sister organisation BKG Education Society ( We have been creating a healthy environment for school students towards their development. Facilitating studies of school students with a new methodology of self-learning and focusing on developing relevant skills for daily work and uplifting happiness and growth within the self. Resulting in the improvement of comprehension, analytical skills, and active engagement of students. Which balances and connects the formal education and skills in real life. increasing potential of youth, as well as future. 150 students enrolled with us and we impacted 15 students.


Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.