Mental Health

Chhattisgarh Agricon Samiti has been working in Partnership with Bapu Trust and PHF on mental health. All three organizations work together in implementation of Community Mental Health Programme. Our funding partners PHF & Bapu trust are being associated in one project to create an aware community and to eliminate the stereotypes on mental health, identify people with Psychosocial Disorder and support the people determined to return to positive mental health.

We are conducting awareness campaigns, CRP training on mental health, PRI block level and SHG meetings leading to a knowledgeable and aware community with a positive mental health approach. Team of Chhattisgarh Agricon Samiti along with Community Resource Persons and other stakeholders are working to identify clients with mental health issues in the local community to address their mental health needs.

Meetings are being conducted with PRI and block-level administration to strengthen the community, to connect people with social reforms and government schemes, leading support to the person with a psychosocial disorder.

Recovery story

The client lives in Laripara, Gram Panchayat, Chherkabandha, due to a sudden incident, she was facing mental health problems like mental stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, and lack of self-confidence. But Chhattisgarh Agricon Samiti worked closely with the client in a planned manner, as a result she was able to bring herself back in the mainstream in the face of all the circumstances and became a source of inspiration for others.


The client's husband, Late Dr. Rajendra used to go from village to village to treat people, but suddenly his health started deteriorating, in the test he was diagnosed with cancer, due to which the whole family was shocked. In order for him to get good treatment, he was first treated in a hospital in Mumbai and later in Raipur, the cost of which was very high, as a result of which the family was also burdened with debt, but unfortunately, he died within six months. Client was badly impacted by this incident, the client was in shock due to the sudden death of her husband, as well as all the responsibility of the house fell on the client's shoulders. The husband's treatment had buried the house under financial constraints and debt, and the children were between the ages of 12 and 15 who were not able to understand the condition of the house and their responsibilities well. He used to quarrel in the neighbourhood every day, got addicted to drinking alcohol at an early age and did not even listen to his mother's words.

All these situations had made the client not only mentally weak but also forced to face social estrangement, which was also affecting their physical health. She started feeling lonely, worried about her children and her future, how the house would run, how much and how long the parents would be able to help, she started going towards depression. She even thought "now my life has no meaning, what will I do by living this life"? Our field worker was discussing mental health with villagers in a corner meeting in Laripara in which client was also present. Client contacted our field worker after getting information about mental health and told all her problem. After talking to the field worker, she agreed to take our service. And her SRQ, consent letter and registration were done. Finally, we worked in various aspects of her problems and today she is leading a happy life in a much better condition.