CG Agricon

Our Approach

Our Approach to Social intervention is a Phased-in process such that every stakeholder has the participation to identify the problem and solution of the area. We believe firmly in community participation (Male, Female, Children, Elderly Person, Person with Disability etc) in implementation of any idea.


Agricon does research before implementing projects or intervention in any area. It does social and economic research with the help of the community and identifies a gap related to different Developmental goals. Every year Agricon also does an impact analysis of different social schemes run by Govt and Project implemented by Agricon. Agricon also does third-party Research for other institutions and NGO in different aspects developmental challenges.


Agricon believes in strong advocacy for all social intervention. People-centric and people specific implementation is necessary to have a strong participation of individual and community. Advocacy about Gaps in implementation, Gaps in Policy etc. with Govt departments and all stakeholder holds key to work strategy of Agricon


Agricon prefers partnering with all NGO’s and Stakeholders working in a different aspect of developments. It shares its research and with other partners for their social intervention. Agricon believes in strong partnership with Govt Department, other CSO, Village and district level Representative etc.


Agricon implements all of its projects with the participation of the community. It strongly believes in peoples participation in identification, planning and solving the problem. All the implementation done by Agricon is directly through the community with Agricon working as an advisor in implementation.

With all the Initiative and Research, we are addressing the following 10 Sustainablee Development Goals (SDGs):