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Vegetable Entrepreneur “Kumhari Bai”

Village Debgaon, Block: Narharpur, Uttar Bastar Kanker District, Chhattisgarh
Farmers like Kumari Bai in Kanker district are dependent on marginal agriculture and allied activities, that generates, however, low income and stagnant productivity. Diversification, intensification and stabilization of agriculture are the core challenges of livelihoods promotion in the district.

In 2012, PRADAN introduced the System of Root Intensification, trellis-based creeper cultivation and mixed multi-tier cropping in Debgaon village, Chhattisgarh. Through rigorous training and engagement, women farmers became skilled in new agricultural practices. Kumari Bai has not only adopted these new practices, leading to increased productivity of vegetable crops, but is now also model micro-entrepreneurs, who access markets to sell vegetables. In the last four years, Kumari Bai has sold, on an average, Rs 35,000 worth of vegetables every year. With an input cost of just Rs 5,000, this is a net incremental income of Rs 25,000 every year.


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  • Ravi Kashyap Donated 700,000.00 December 23, 2023
    2 months ago


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