What we do ?


Prior to intervention in any area or implementation of projects, comprehensive research of such areas is conducted by Agricon to ensure its effective implementation. It carries out social and economic research at pervasive levels with the help of the community and determines the extant gap related to various Developmental goals, which needs to be addressed. An extensive impact analysis is also carried out by Agricon in pursuance to the different social schemes being run by the Govt. and for the Projects implemented by Agricon as well, to determine its criticality and associated resource requirements to ensure operational resilience and continuity of operations during and after induction of our intervention. It also conducts a third-party Research for other institutions and NGOs pertaining to different aspects of existing developmental challenges.


Agricon believes in strong advocacy of all social interventions and proponents the People-centric and people specific implementation of such social intervention to achieve a firm and active participation of individuals and communities. Advocacy about the Gaps in implementation, Gaps in Policy etc. with the concerned departments of the government and all stakeholders are the key components of Agricon’s work strategy.


Agricon prefers partnering up with NGOs and Stakeholders who are actively working in different aspects of development. Agricon shares its research with other partners for creating an effective impact of successful social intervention. It believes in strong and trustful partnership with concerned departments of the Govt., other CSO, Village and district level Representatives etc.


Agricon implements all its projects by ensuring the participation of the community by also incorporating the knowledge and opinions of rural people in the planning and management of development programmes. It firmly believes in people’s all-inclusive community participation in identification, planning and solving the problem. The entire work-out plan and implementation task done by Agricon is carried out directly through the communities with which Agricon is working as an advisor for implementation.

With all the Initiative and Research, we are addressing the following 10 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)