Chhattisgarh has a population of 2,55,45,198 of which 20-25% are youth. When it comes to talking about a change, we can do it very well, but the youth of our nation is the force who can execute it very well. With the energy, vitality, and new ideology of youth, there is a wider scope of transformation that can be achieved towards development. In a country like India, despite much of the population being young, ambitious, and driven; development still seems farfetched, and this is simply because of the lack of channelizing the energy and allotting the resources to optimize and begin with. Chhattisgarh Agricon Samiti believes in the voice of Youth and power of youth. We provided youth with opportunities and resources and today they are working towards a change in form of Yuvoday, Bijadutir, Yuvoday Kodanar champs, & Manobal volunteers.

The major issues like poor literacy rates, slow pace of development, lack of empowerment and high levels of malnutrition driven by communicable disease, limited livelihood opportunities, all are being taken care by our youth volunteers. INCEPTION: To improve the livelihood, environment, culture, education, health, nutrition level of each village in the district and prevent covid-19, while giving right direction to youth power, The Bastar district administration chalked out a new strategy in collaboration with UNICEF to create a cadre of 6,000 youth volunteers to effectively counter Covid-19.

In this Project Chhattisgarh Agricon Samiti mentored ‘Yuvoday’ volunteers in each aspect of their work. The initiative ‘Yuvoday’ (rise of youth) aimed to channelize the power of youth towards supporting the government programmes across villages to improve livelihood, health, nutrition, education, sanitation, and agriculture. The volunteers simultaneously created awareness on the prevention of Covid-19 in families while promoting healthy behaviour. ‘Yuvoday’ volunteers also assisted the frontline workers in full immunization of children and landed helping hand towards minimizing anaemia among women and students. After successful completion of Yuvoday first term Yuvoday program is marching ahead towards Yuvoday 2.0

Way Forward: Youth are the building blocks in the economic and social development of a nation, and we believe they will be able to create an aware community on Mental Health and a community sensitive towards Child Protection. So, we are also working with youth in Bijapur, Kondagaon and Bilaspur towards building a self-capacitating community. Currently we are working with more than 5000 active volunteers to tackle issues at village level and to bring about a behavioural change in community along with walking on a path towards development.