Chhattisgarh Agricon Samiti

Capacity building and learning

Training, capacity building and learning stand as integral pillars within Chhattisgarh Agricon Samiti (CAS), forming a cornerstone for continual improvement. The team’s learning process is dynamic, with insights gained from each program or project meticulously documented and rigorously considered to avoid repetition of mistakes. CAS prioritizes the enhancement of skills and knowledge through a range of workshops, both online and offline, ensuring a well-rounded approach to learning. Notably, specialized exposure visits and workshops, known as ‘Pratyagra’ contribute to in-depth knowledge transfer. Importantly, CAS extends its commitment to training beyond the team to encompass the communities served, involving volunteers, Aanganwadi workers, teachers, farmers, and PRI members, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and shared knowledge, facilitating community members to become community level resource persons. 

Core Values 

Our core values shape the structure of our organization by providing the foundation for our fundamental principles. Any organization is lifeless without its core values, and our core values bind us together across different generations and times, different employees, and leaderships.  

  • Respectfulness and loyalty  
  • Participation and commitment  
  • Gender sensitivity   
  • Accountability and transparency  
  • Innovation and adaptation  
  • Dynamism and professionalism 
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