Chhattisgarh Agricon Samiti

Together We Can

Join CAS in transforming communities through initiatives like year-round food security and
grassroots governance. Be a vital part of this impactful journey.

No Poverty

Support Doubling Farmers’ Income
by Skilling Rural Women on New

Our Target: 100 rural women

400,511.00 of 5,014,000.00

Climate Action

Support Building Resilient Villages to Withstand the Impact of Climate Change on Livelihoods

Our Target: 10 villages

700,000.00 of 2,550,458.00

Gender Equality

Support Rural Women’s Groups to Address Gender Inequality in the Household and Society

Our Target: 30 SHGs

150,000.00 of 3,055,978.00

Clean Water & Sanitation

Support Hunger-Free Homes Through Training Rural Women in Scientific Agricultural Practices

Our Target: 10 villages

9.00 of 4,033,978.00

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