Chhattisgarh Agricon Samiti


Chhattisgarh Agricon Samiti’s
(CAS’s) vision and mission are
structured in a way to strive for
achieving a better quality of life
of people living in our areas of reach.

Our Goals till 2028

Chhattisgarh Agricon Samiti (CAS) aims to improve the quality of life of the people living in rural and trial areas of
Chhattisgarh. To make our vision come to life, we have decided to target the following 3 goals in the next 5 years.


Ensuring sustainable livelihood practices and production patterns through an efficient and inclusive supply chain at the local and regional level and by creating a resilient system in a changing climate and environment.


Empowering communities for social inclusion, reducing various inequalities, supporting human rights, gender equality, child safety and rights, the inclusion of people with physical and psychosocial disabilities, for appreciation of diversity, and fostering a culture of peace and nonviolence amongst all.


Support the communities on nutrition, healthy diet, hygiene, and physical exercise, generating awareness amongst people about mental health, psychosocial distress.


Empowering change in Chhattisgarh, we bring forth themes for community resilience and sustainable
development. Explore our themes that weave a tapestry of positive transformation across the region.

SDGs Covered

The 2030 Agenda listed “Sustainable Development Goals” consisting of 17 goals and 169 targets in order to
eradicate poverty and realize a sustainable world. CAS has covered 12 out of 17 goals.

No Poverty

Zero Hunger

Good Health &

Gender Equality

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Clean Water and Sanitation

Partnership for the Goals

Climate Action

Affordable and Clean Energy

Reduced Inequalities

Sustainable communities

Life on Land



Youth will be empowered to use their different skill
sets to engage the communities and propagate
awareness within community.


CAS supports women empowerment through their socio-economic
inclusion, support in providing better accessibility, bridging digital
and tech related disparities.

Local level Influencers

CAS believes that Local level influencers will be one of
the important enablers in our change strategy.

Information, Communication and Technology

Information enables CAS in better understanding the problems, advocating,
and proposing solutions, and planning and strategizing based on data driven statistics rather than assumptions.

Capacity building and learning

CAS will focus on the enhancement of learning and
understanding on tools, methodology, processes as
per the need that arises during different stages.

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