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Introduction of partnerships

Chhattisgarh Agricon Samiti (CAS) harbors a grand vision of elevating the quality of life for the people of Chhattisgarh by addressing diverse challenges across various domains, aligning with multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This ambitious undertaking underscores the importance of collaboration and sustainable partnerships. CAS recognizes the significance of working hand-in-hand with current partners, fostering relationships built on respect, shared goals, and mutual understanding. The organization values the synergy that arises from harmonious collaborations, believing that only through united efforts can the substantial impact on the community and achievement of long-term goals be realized. CAS remains dedicated to forging enduring partnerships that contribute meaningfully to the well-being and progress of people of Chhattisgarh.

Why Partner with CAS?

Partnering with Chhattisgarh Agricon Samiti (CAS) is a strategic decision for those seeking to make a meaningful impact in various domains. CAS stands out for its remarkable technological capabilities and efficient systems and processes, ensuring streamlined operations and impactful outcomes. The organization’s strong connect with the people of Chhattisgarh stems from its deep-rooted commitment to improving the quality of lives. CAS envisions scaling up positive changes across communities, aligning with its mission and goals. For funders and funding organizations, CAS presents an invaluable opportunity to collaborate with experts in Natural Resource Management, Sustainable Agriculture & Horticulture, Rural Livelihood, Environment & Ecosystem, Community Mental Health, Emotional Development of Children (based on SEL), Youth and Volunteer Engagement, and Behavior Change Tools & Communication. CAS’s extensive experience in these domains positions it as a reliable and effective partner for those dedicated to fostering sustainable development and community well-being.

Technology Partners

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