Chhattisgarh Agricon Samiti

Information, Communication and Technology

Chhattisgarh Agricon Samiti (CAS) strategically employs Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) to ensure the efficient execution of its programs and projects.  

For Monitoring, Evaluation, and Data Management, CAS relies on a suite of tools including MS Forms, Google Forms, Kobo Toolbox, ODK, Excel, and Power BI, facilitating meticulous tracking and assessment.  

In the realm of communication, the organization leverages the WhatsApp Business Communication tool – Wati, IVR-based calls, and bulk SMS setups from diverse service providers, ensuring widespread outreach.  

Information dissemination is enhanced through video calling, social media, WhatsApp communication, self-designed MOOCs and courses, and various Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials, exemplifying CAS’s commitment to utilizing technology for seamless and effective implementation. 

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